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Come Together

right now, over me.

Annie are you okay?
made by my love, reiband
I look like my icon.

acts of kindness, batman, being home alone, bumblebeee, change is usually good, chapstick, cheap movies, coming home late, creative minds, dancin' everyday, defying gravity, devotion & leadership, doc's on serial killers, early mornings/late nights, eating omnomnom, forensic psychology/psychiatry, fresh-smelling scents, giving things, good music in movies, good people, inspiration, lol irl, lovesecrets, lyrics and rhythm, magazines, making up new words, matthew joseph dallas, meeting new people, mom/family, new experiences, new songs on repeat, nice strangers, post-its, psychology in general, quoting things & movies, rorschach's journal, shat bricks, shia ladouche, spongebob squarepants, sports, th, the celtics, transformers, using the force, walking to nowhere, watchmen, writing, writing letters, yo-yo's